52 thank yous. That’s a lot of thanking when you think about it. Do you even know 52 people (or events/things) that you can sit down and truly say thank you to? And not just the, “oh man, you opened the door for me. Awesome, thanks dude, I appreciate it”. Not the brush off your shoulder thanks. But the true deep down type of gratitude that a “thank you” should really possess?

See, I was reading an article online a few months ago. It was called 365 thank you’s. A lady sat down and every single day for a year, she wrote a thank you  note to someone in her life. When I read this article, I was in a bit of an upheaval in my life. My career and I weren’t really getting a long, my boyfriend and I weren’t really getting a long, hell my dog and I weren’t even getting a long. I was moody all the time, felt like I had no free time, and was honestly just feeling like the Universe was against me. That article got me thinking, what if I could live with more gratitude towards the things in my life, maybe the bad moods could stop, and some peace could come to my many relationships. Could I honestly sit down and write a thank you note to someone every single day though?

Abso-freaking-lutely I could not. Why? Well 1. I’m busy (I know, I know, we all are) and would forget. 2. That’s a lot of note cards, and a lot of postage (poor millennial probs). 3. And most importantly, if I were to take the time to do that, I would want them to be genuine thank you’s. Deep down, from the heart, like “woa you just totally changed my day” thank you’s. So I thought about it. What if I wrote 52? One a week. To the people in my life who have made my life better, and maybe even to the people in my life who have made it hell? Because let’s be honest, even the bad times we experience are lessons we learn, so shouldn’t we be thankful for that?

With this idea, I decided, well let’s go all in and blog this. It’ll keep me accountable. It’ll be fun. And who knows, maybe it’ll inspire someone to sit down and write a thank you note to a person who helped them with something? Keep looking back every Wednesday. I will post on here the letter I’ll send (if it’s send-able), and hopefully 2018 will be a year with more gratitude, and less arguing with my dog.


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