Week 2: 1 Year Ago

As I sat down to write this post, I checked the “Your Memories” section of my Facebook Page. One year ago today I announced to the world that I was no longer going to coach cross country and track at Farnsley Middle School. It was my first ever coaching job. This job, which was completely volunteer the first year, taught me so much. Looking back on this thank you from a year ago, there’s definitely two people whom I forgot to thank in my emotional state: Donnie Stephens, Farnsley’s security guard, and Mrs. Numann, a former team mom from my running days, and the team mom of my first three seasons as a coach. Because of my forgetfulness in my moment of immense emotion, they will be receiving their own personal thank you’s.

But for now, here was my thank you to the people/circumstances who helped me begin my passion as a coach, which I believe is still as relevant today a year later.

Facebook Post
January 12, 2017

Now that I have told my fellow coaches and kids, it’s time to put this out here. After a lot of thought, and possibly more tears, I have made the decision to leave Farnsley Middle School to further pursue opportunities that have come about for me at my gym. This was by far one of the toughest decisions, being that I’ve been at that school for 7 years now. It wasn’t easy.

So thank you Farnsley for getting my start in coaching and developing me as a person. Thank you to all the kids I’ve coached, you’ve helped me be a better me more than you know. And I hope I have helped make you a better you.
Thanks to my former coach and mentor Damon Smith for recommending me to the job at farnsley. To this day I still model my coaching ethics after you, and even have a mantra “what would smith do” that I repeat before I make any decision. Your belief in me has always been a major driving force behind what I do.

Thanks to Nana, Ed Burton (daddy), Aunt Fay, and all of my family who stood behind my decision to take on this position even though they thought I was crazy. Thank you for letting me use your truck, helping me set up for my kids, running all over Louisville and thank you so much for always standing behind my crazy ideas. I was definitely not ever a one man show, and I had tons of support along the way.

Thank you to David Neely and everyone else who helped support all of my fundraisers and advocated for my team. You have no idea how the candles, pizza, coupon books, and whatever else I convinced you all to buy made such an impact on my kids.

And finally, thank you to all the kids parents who let me into your lives and families and entrusted me with your children. There are hundreds of you, so I can’t tag you all, but you all helped make my dream come true of becoming a coach and hopefully making a positive impact on this world. Thank you for all of your help with the team, so we could make their experience as a runner the best it could possibly be.


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