Week 3: Burna! B

Friends are an important part of life, especially when we’re young. As we age, a lot of times friends tend to take the backseat when we start meeting the people we plan to spend the rest of our life with, creating our passions in careers and building our family. It’s natural, it’s a part of life. These life events can sometimes drive people away and make friendships crumble, they can sometimes make us look back years down the road and wonder why we ever lost touch with that person; or that friendship can remain present and strong. Maybe not as consistently present, but definitely one that you fall back on.

I met Bryna in high school sophomore year in a Spanish 2 Class where the teacher literally hated her (it proved for great stories later). Being a year older than me, Bryna helped pave the way for in some big areas of my life, like my first serious boyfriend, going off to college, dealing with anxiety and depression and learning to be ok with who I am. There are never enough thank you’s to thank this woman for how much she has impacted my life. While my thank you note could never cover it all, it does at least touch on the basic parts.


Bryna (Burna),

It’s funny that I start writing my thank you note to you on our Facebook 9 year “frienshipsaversary”. But reality, our friendship started 13 years ago in a Spanish 2 class that I loved, but you hated (good times). I can’t tell you how much your friendship means to me. You have always been a person I could turn to to help me put things in perspective when I needed it.

Rather than being a person who tells me what I WANT to hear, you’ve been a person who has told me what I NEEDED to hear. That’s a pretty daunting task – for anyone to do with any person. I may not have always been the most receptive, but that has never stopped you. From making me realize I was worth A LOT more than what I allowed some people (mainly the boys I dated) treat me, to always being supportive in my many interests when most haven’t been, you’re honesty and input has been valued more than you know.

2017 was a difficult year. A great year – but difficult. I’m settling in my all consuming career that I absolutely love. But the type of job I’ve chosen has a very weird schedule, and the kids I coach are like my children. Rather than spending my weekends building my own family or spending it with my significant other like most of my friends are currently doing, my athletes are the center of my world. My schedule literally revolves around them. I love competing in powerlifting, but it means I’ve had to make some decisions and lifestyle changes. I have to set an example as a coach to my athletes. This has driven a lot of friends away. Not you. You’ve been understanding and non-judgmental. You’ve been reassuring when it was at it’s hardest.  You’ve constantly reminded me I’m still surrounded by people who love me and care for me the most even when I’m feeling my loneliest.

I’m so lucky to have you as a friend. Thank you for being you and always being the real and supportive person that you are. Not many people are lucky to have someone so real support them and keep them in check. Thank you for being that person for me.


P.S. Thank you for also helping me paint my office when we were moving Top Recruit.
P.P.S. I know you’ll appreciate my signature: RIP Alan Rickman.


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