Week 4: Glaser’s Collision Center

We have days that are good, and then we have days that are bad. And then there are days where I’m pretty sure the devil himself is calling the shots because it’s so terrible. I had one of these days about two weeks ago. My city got bombarded with a few inches of snow (which, if you know me, you know I hate the cold, so I despise the snow). While getting my car ready to brave the winter wonderland to the gym, I somehow managed to break my driver side car door; it could open from the outside, but no longer from the inside. I should note, we only received about an inch and a half of snow, so I am being a little dramatic.

Back to the story: about two years ago, one wintry morning, I had managed to break the passenger side back door to my car by pulling the handle off (I’m going to just say it’s that 110 lb bench press I have going on). A year ago, my backseat driver side door was hit by a piece of metal grating that flew out of the back of a truck and permanently locked the door (seriously ya’ll, if you’re hauling things, tie your shit down, I almost died in that). So, now ¾ of my car doors were not working at all or completely properly. Awesome. I’m thrilled.

Now comes Tuesday. I found a place recommended by a dear friend, to take my car to see if they can fix it. They assured me I wasn’t going to have to sell any of my organs on the black market to pay for it. However, thanks to snow, client cancellations were pouring in. I was frustrated. I live 30 minutes away from my job, and unless you’re actively working with a client, you don’t get paid. So, driving that amount of distance for no pay can be upsetting. But here is where the client cancellations were a blessing in disguise. I was able to get to the auto collision shop early. I was able to sit there while the guy worked on my car. Not only did he fix the handle, he also popped the dent out of my back door on my driver side so it could open. Guess what he charged me? Nothing. Zero. Nada. He told me to have a good day and be on my way with a warning that it may be only a temporary fix, but that he hoped it would serve me longer than that.

Can you believe it? I had my card out, ready to pay, and even insisted. I was upset, frustrated and crunching numbers in my head of how to fit this in my budget for the upcoming month. But he refused payment and told me to get of his shop. It’s amazing how these things work out. Alas, the dent popped back in in the backside door, so that will have to be completely replaced. I also managed to re-break my driver side door handle (it’s that bench press ya’ll, it may be wimpy but it is effective for breaking car doors when you don’t want it to). So, I trucked my butt back in there a week later to get the estimate and leave my car for two days.

I guess this is where you would ask what am I thankful for in this? I’m thankful that Glasers Auto Collision took care of me on that first visit. Most businesses would nickel and dime you for any sort of help. They calmed my frantic feelings down and treated me like family. They gained my trust. By the time I needed to get a more permanent fix on my car, I had had enough time to sort my money out and be able to pay for it. They did it fast, they did it efficiently. And they did it on a snow day of all days when people in Louisville are famous for calling in even over two inches of snow (we know you Northerner’s are laughing at us, it’s ok). I’m thankful for those clients calling in on that Tuesday. I was able to get to the repair shop early, and talk with their front desk lady Heather, which was one of the better conversations I had had that week and turned my day around. I’m still not thrilled about the fact that I had to replace some car door handles, no one likes paying for those things. But I was able to have a wonderful experience in dealing with a repair shop and meet some new people in the process. I am thankful that someone was willing to help me out, just because they could, even though there was no guarantee the would gain anything from it in the immediate future. It’s refreshing to know there are nice people still out there.


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